Baku Address Book


Ambulance                                              Tel.: 103

Fire                                                           Tel.: 101

Police                                                        Tel.: 102

SOS Clinic Emergency Number   Tel.: 05021 26921

The following names and numbers have been collated from personal positive experience with the various service providers. However, as within any Expat community, contacts may change rapidly as people, contractors and shops come and go. Please ascertain for yourself whether these contacts are appropriate to you. All of the below speak English.

Medical & Wellbeing


Paediatrics/Paediatric Cardiology

Dr. Andreas Petropolous, XMSK Clinic, 31 Badamdar Highway, Badamdar, Baku and Merkezi Clinic, Zarifa Aliyeva Street, Baku

Tel.: 05028 69828


Dr. Constantinos Kyriakis, XMSK Clinic, 31 Badamdar Highway, Badamdar, Baku

Tel.: 05029 19695


Dr. Leonard van Veen, XMSK Clinic, 31 Badamdar Highway, Badamdar, Baku

Tel.: 05192 01189

General Practitioner

  • Dr. Charlé Steyl, SOS Clinic, 1 Yusif Safarov Street, Baku

Tel.: (012) 489 5471

  •  Dr. Steve Stonehouse,

Tel.: 05058 84476


Selia Graf

Tel.: 05192 30021


German Pharmacy/Deutsche Apotheke

49 Fizuli Street, Baku

Tel.: (12) 596 4411

British Pharmacy

147 Tbilisi Prospekti, Baku

Tel.: (12) 5304691

Avis, just off Fountain Square

Health and Beauty



Ballet Classes and Private Exercise at Home

Teacher Megan Berryhill

Manicure, Pedicure and Threading

Manicurist Irana, The Nail Spa, ISR Plaza, 69 Nizami Street, Baku

(also other outlets) Tel.: (12) 598 1857


Barber Islam, Royal Salon, 5 Mardanov Gardashlari Street (near Malakan Square), Baku

Tel.: 05034 82552

Vet Services


Shemakha Highway, Baku

Tel.: 05035 51717

Miscellaneous General Services


Mike Douglas, Colour Sharp

Tel.: 05020 19982

Guided City Tours

Fuad Akhundov

(spends a lot of time abroad, so not always available)

Tel.: 05067 27626.

Private Azeri Teacher

Naila 05034 52996 (comes to your house)

Driver to Order

Ali 05067 81707


Montessori School and Kids Club

Bumble Bee , Port Baku Residence, 151 Neftchilar Avenue, Baku

Tel.: (012) 599 2000

Children’s Ballet

Megan Berryhill


Clothes Care

Dressmaker and Alterations

Milla (comes to your home)

Tel.: 05051 97132

Dry Cleaner

Crystal Dry Cleaning

20B Khagani (opposite Cook Zone), Baku

Tel.: (012) 498 1096


Bedding, Linen and Towels

Taç Tekstil

64 Alibeyli Hüseyinzade Street, Baku

(By Nizami Metro Station – also other outlets)

Tel.: (12) 596 5784    

General Household Items Shop

Almost beside Taç (see above), to the right as you face it, at basement level

Decorative Items

Sel Home

28 May Mall, Baku                (also other outlets)

Tel.: (12) 499 8705    

Electrical Items, TV, White Goods

Music Gallery

28 May Mall, Baku   (also other outlets)

tel.: (12) 497 7028    

Market for Simply Everything

Sederek     (on outskirts of city)

Art and Collectibles

Artist (British/International)

Sarah Knill-Jones

Artist (Azerbaijani/International)

Faig Ahmed

Carpets and Rugs

Sahib Mahmudov, (beside Police Station)Shop 12, 16 Boyuk Qala, Baku     Tel.: 05032 63205


Qiz Qalasi Gallery

6 Qulle Street, Old Town, Baku (beside Maiden Tower)

(12) 492 7481

Yay Gallery

5 Kiçik Qala, Old Town, Baku

Real Estate Agents

Sabina  Tel.: 05028 10607

Rasim  Tel.: 05031 12248

Georgi  Tel.: 05520 02135

Aygun  Tel.: 05151 50456


Rahul Shipping, Contact: Ron d’Mello

Food Shopping


Citimart – Samad Verghun and Badamdar

Bazar Store – various

Grandmart – various

Fresco – various

Gastronomy (especially for Fish and Wine)

Kontinental – Nizami Street and Teynur Elchin Street, near Flame Towers

Bee Gross –     Samad Verghun


Teze Bazar

Yaşil (Green) Bazar

Cheese Shop

Pendir Cheese Shop

1, Mirza Abrahimov, Baku

(off Fountain Square – also other outlets)

Fruit and Veg

Üç Meyve Fruit and Veg Shop

Shamsi Badalbeyli Street, Baku

(street leading up to entrance of 28 May Mall, shop next to ATA Bank building)

Falafel and Humous Take Away

Jihad’s Snack Shop and Takeaway

40e Mardanov Gardashlari, Baku (near Citimart)

Tel.: 05531 21220


  1. Szia Lola! Hu, de jo, hogy elcsiptel 🙂 Kar, hogy pont elottunk koltoztok el. A ferjem amerikai es a nagykovetsegen fog dolgozni 2 evig, most eppen Ausztraliaban vagyunk, gondolom nagy valtozas lesz. Mindent tudni szeretnek 🙂 Nem tudnal megadni egy e-mail cimet, esetleg a Facebook-n fent vagy?

  2. Hi Kia, Thanks for your suggestion, though right now I’m a little worried about what you have written. I have a really short hairstyle, so I need to have it chopped every 5 weeks. Hope I’ll find somebody after all, I’m not a wig fan 🙂 I’ve found your blog on FB in that expat group, hope the admin will add me soon. Thanks again. Have a nice day!

  3. Hi Szuzsanna, welcome to Baku in August. I’m sure you will enjoy it and I’m glad you found my blog to give you an intro! In the 18 months I have been here, I have not dared go to a hairdresser, I always go on my trips back to London. On the Baku Expat Community Facebook Page (an essential Baku survival tool!), the most recommended is Burak at Chic&Chic Salon in Port Baku. There was another good one here, Samanta, but she has left. Here, all the locals have long hair and many expats have bobs. On those two hairstyles you are safe here, they are done well. Not sure about layered styles (as I have) and I do know that colour can be adventurous with a strong tendency towards red. Perhaps bring a wig, just in case? 😉

  4. Thanks for all the useful info! We’ll be moving to Baku in August. Can you recommend a good hairdresser? I have short hair. Thanks, Zsuzsanna

    1. Szia Zsuzsanna! Teljesen veletlenul csiptem el a kommented! 🙂 mi jaratban erre? Mi epp juliusban hagyjuk itt Bakut, szivesen meselek, ha kivancsi vagy! 🙂

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