The Art of Blogging and When in Rome…

So here I am on my wibbly wobbly Blogger Bambi legs…saying a tentative ‘Hello’. I’ve spent some time getting my page ready and am still wondering whether I’ve got it all right, whether you can see what I’m writing and hear what I’m saying which, admittedly, isn’t an awful lot yet! But Rome wasn’t built in a day either….Ah, now you’ve got me going already! Rome, bella Roma, the eternal city! Oh and what a fabulous time I had there just a few months ago! The city, the art, the people, the shopping, the food (!!), I simply fell head over high heels in love with it all!

One thing you should know about me and that is that while I like things authentic, I am also a bit of a style warrior and while I love gritty, I am also a sucker for chic and sleek. And in Rome you get plenty of both. My kinda city! Now I’m not going to tell you about the amazing sights – there are plenty of good guide books and travelogs that will do this much better- but I will tell you how to best explore them. Through a friend of a friend, you know how these things go, we came across the amazing Scooter Maven Annie who runs an outfit called Scooteroma ( ). I spent a good three or four hours on the back of Annie’s Vespa clinging on to her for dear life while she negotiated the Roman traffic like the pro that she is. Gorgeous Husband enjoyed showing off being an honorary Roman (and was the only one to pinch my bottom!) weaving in and out of the cars expertly on his own mean machine. It was exhilarating and we had such a laugh! But most importantly, we got a really in depth tour of all the Roman sights, really close up and all to ourselves, with American longterm local resident Annie a super competent guide. Okay, getting half a day of personalised Scooter tour is much more expensive than going on one of the tourist buses, this is true, but personally, I’d rather save on the hotel or cut out a meal or two and enjoy this unforgettable way of  getting close up and personal with such a beautiful city. And, best of all, no queuing!!

My favourite sights? The Maltese keyhole and the Jewish quarter. But then again….

At the end of our wonderful afternoon we tootled off armed with Annie’s list of insider tips for restaurants and shops and spent an exhausted but happy evening over the best pizza and a delicious glass of wine al fresco among a young cool boho crowd in Trastevere. A perfect end to a fantastic day.


Before I sign off for today, I must just quickly mention our other fabulous Roman find, a young artist called Ruza Gagulic and her fascinating exhibition ‘The Beholder’ ( See  at  Galleria Dora Diamanti Arte Contemporanea. Ruza has created intriguing life sized faintly etched transparent glass sheets which with a light source aimed at them at an appropriate angle, reflect people, animals, objects, whatever, onto a plain painted wall behind them as though they were delicate pencil drawings. Very attractive, very interesting and I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about this talented young lady in the future!