On the Grapevine: Mado, just off Fountain Square, Baku :-)

As seen on Facebook: High recommendation (by PW, Baku)  for the new Café/Patisserie Mado, just off Fountain Square. “Wonderful food, service, prices and ambience.” Teymur gets a special mention as an outstanding waiter. Another Facebook friend (PH, Baku) commented ” If only they had balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing, they would be the restaurant from heaven.”


  1. Great to have your feedback! Thank you for liking the blog. It’s still in its infancy and your comments are much appreciated and encouraging!

  2. I went there a couple of times and would agree only about the service. Both the ”Western-style” cakes (we tried a few different ones) and the main dishes weren’t great (greasy, cold-ish and without much flavor; the chips were burnt). They have delicious baklava though. And the service is always quick, friendly and helpful. Btw I love your blog idea 🙂