Mea Culpa!

Evde Bar & Grill, Amburan Beach Club.  Tel.: (012) 404 8213

Reuben Gould is arguably Baku’s best chef. He works out of the apparently amazing Evde Amburan Beach Restaurant, just outside Baku. In a previous review I associated him quite erroneously with another establishment, a mistake I very much regret and have now corrected. Far be it from me to sully the name of a master. Reuben not only cooks like a dream but also writes charming emails of correction, without once reverting to many chefs’ favourite f word! I understand that the Evde Amburan Beach Restaurant is altogether in a league of its own and I look forward to bringing you a review in due course. My apologies to Reuben, to Evde and to the Saffron Group who operate some of Baku’s nicest restaurants.


(Photo from Evde’s Facebook Site)