Pitta Patter

Movida, Port Baku Towers, 153 Neftchilar, Baku. www.saffron.az  Tel.: (012) 404 8203

For reasons I’m not altogether clear on, the street where the popular and very smart health club and gym, Port Baku, is situated, is colloquially known as Fashion Street. Sure, at one end of it is ‘Emporium’ which, as the name suggests, is a super trendy fashion emporium over several floors, a go to destination if you are looking for high end designer clothes, shoes and accessories but otherwise, it’s more of a restaurant street. There are two wonderful bakeries (one of them Paul’s Cafe, see review ‘Strawberry Tarts Forever’), a Jean’s Coffee Shop outlet, a beauty parlour and hairdresser by the name of Chic & Chic, which many people rave about but where I had a most horrendous experience, a soon to be opened and highly anticipated WH Smith and a row of restaurants, all run by the Saffron Group: Masu (reviewed under Easy Peasy Japanesey), Harbour (see review ‘Hello Sailor!’), Madigan and Movida.


To Londoners, Movida is know as the super cool nightclub that was, and there are many other Movidas in Dubai, Sydney, Delhi and elsewhere but none other than the Baku restaurant are, I believe, under the management of the Saffron Hospitality Group. Indeed, Movida is Spanish for ‘scene’, so with Fashion Street’s ambition to be Baku’s hot spot for the beautiful people, this Lebanese restaurant is well placed at the heart of the Baku scene. It’s all gussied up in black and white with turquoise and fuchsia chairs and funky longhorn heads on the walls, a look that works well during the day but also doubles up nicely for a nightclub ambience in the evening. The generous rattan seating outside gives the place an Ibiza style chill out vibe and invites guests to linger over a coffee or a drink.


IMG_2732My daughter and her brand new fiancé were visiting from London, so I wanted to show these two sophisticated world travellers the Baku highlife and we took ourselves off for a light lunch at Movida. Now, it’s no secret that I am very keen on Lebanese cuisine. I like the mezze style platters which are usually light fare and allow you to mix and share, so I was in my element here. We ordered a delicious Jalapeño humous with pitta, labneh, firmer than normal and more like a Greek yoghurt but very palatable none the less, a wonderfully minty, lemony fatoush salad, some tasty little lamb kebabs, lovely garlicky shrimps and some beautifully presented chickpea falafel.



All were fresh and excellent! Service too, was friendly and efficient. All in all, this was a very successful lunch, finished off with coffees in the sunshine outside. We paid AZN46 for the three of us, including water.


  1. Hi, thank you for your comment re Chic & Chic. Naturally, any assessment is always going to be based on a subjective experience. Personally, I had an unacceptably unprofessional experience and result at the beauty salon there which left me with temporary injuries (!) although I have not tried the hair salon which I hear is very good. I am always keen to point out that a one off experience does not necessarily define an establishment and that readers should ideally make their own opinion. None the less, if I give mine, it has to be honest. In most cases, it is very useful for businesses to take on board the customer’s feedback. I am sure you will agree!

    1. Hi there,

      It’s pity that it happened to you, & no matter whose fault it was…
      I agree, this is not matter of honesty, this is matter of subjectivity. And that’s why I’ll suggest to escape from such peremptory view. Again it is just a suggestion, and I believe it will be honest act toward your readers .
      Personally I and a lot of people I know quite well, feel lucky to discover such a place and masters.
      If you could only imagine how significantly MY own comfort zone was improved through the service I got there, and how they changed my look, quality of my hairs, my color pallet … Sorry, I just couldn’t stay silent. This is not just another place for me. I deeply respect this guys for all their hardworking, empathy and most of all their work.
      Hope you ll have a chance to change your opinion one day:) Take care

  2. Hi there,

    To be honest, I was a bit surprised with your experience with Chic & Chic… I have been visiting the Chic & Chic since last year and I believe I eventually got what I was seeking so far… They are indeed professionals and I am happy with the changes they are making, thanks to these guys!

  3. Dear Mrs. Kia,

    First of all would like to thank you for Pitta Patter post you have recently shared about our premises; As you have already seen Port Baku Fashion Avenue is growing fast, and has already become the most favorite place to be at (for us and for the foreigners visiting Baku for any reason) ;
    I myself work in one of the companies at Port Baku Towers, and really happy to have all these restaurants, cafes, theClub Port Baku Sports club and mostly Chic&Chic beauty saloon around my work place;
    I have read your post with interest, thanks for detailed/useful info for those who are not aware of mentioned premises, BUT the only thing has Disappointed me is your comment about Chic&Chic beauty saloon; to be honest you are the first person i hear negative response about our Lovely Place; you feel the difference of service at Chic&Chic from the very first step you get in; number one Stylist-Hairdressers from Turkey are there for each of us, starting from the product they use till the quality they provide – makes Chic&Chic number 1 beauty saloon in Baku right now; I really love and care about my hair, therefore always look for the best for my hair, and I am honestly really happy to have Chic&Chic in 2 min walk distance from my work; and not only me but my friends/their friends/ colleagues/ moms/ children and so many more chose this place right after my first visit to this saloon; (because was highly recommended by me, and then by them to the rest) 🙂
    Therefore i was sadly surprised to see the comment about your dislike; and if you are still in Baku or visit Baku next time would like to take you to Chic&Chic myself and I am more than sure you will Enjoy it 🙂