Thank You!

Dear Readers,

Since I restarted this blog on 4th April 2014, there have been 2991 occasions when someone, somewhere, has had a look at my blog! Let me write that out, that’s TWOTHOUSANDNINEHUNDREDANDNINETYONE !!  And among them, to my great pride, no less than four Amazon bestseller list authors. How amazing is that?!! I have turned into a complete ‘stats’ (statistics) junkie, checking and rechecking the number of readers every time I publish a post. What’s more, the blog hosts, WordPress, not only count the ‘hits’ for me but also kindly supply a world map, highlighting every country from which a reader has clicked on to this site. It takes just one single one to turn a country yellow (orange or red if there are more), so with readers from as far afield as Vietnam and Venezuela, Canada and Cambodia, Australia and Azerbaijan, the US and the UK, Norway and New Zealand and many many others in-between all filling my world map with sunset colours, you can’t blame a girl for dreaming of world domination!

Sarah Knill-Jones
Sarah Knill-Jones
Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre, Baku

Together we have visited 16 Baku cafes and restaurants, read about artist Sarah Knill-Jones’ take on Baku life, looked at the Love Me, Love Not exhibition at the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre, enjoyed treatments at the ESPA Spa, Fairmont Hotel, and Reflexology with Arif at the Absheron Marriott Spa and shared my feelings on moving to Azerbaijan and house hunting in Baku, not to mention a brief excursion to Miami, and there’s lots more to come! Here, I’d like to take the opportunity to mention the Hotel Four Seasons in Baku. Following the airing of my not so impressive experience, I immediately received two completely charming emails written very graciously by the Four Seasons management with profuse apologies and the promise to make amends. I understand that following my Tea for Three blog post, the whole afternoon tea procedure and menu was revised  and substantially improved. The Four Seasons have generously invited me and a guest to try their new afternoon tea again and I very much look forward to doing so in the near future and, of course, I will report back to you. Hats off to such excellent customer service! And yes, that’s exactly what this blog is all about: people power. When we spend our hard earned cash, we expect value for money in return and I am delighted that at least in this one instance, the consumer experience has found its mark and is leading to better things. Thank you for listening, Four Seasons!

Zafferano Terrace, Four Seasons
Zafferano Terrace, Four Seasons

A very big thank you especially to all of YOU for reading my blog and all your encouragement and kind comments; your appreciation makes my fingers fly over the keyboard to keep bringing you my news and views (and ingesting far more calories than is decent!).

iphone update-006
Pastries and Cake at Paul’s Cafe, Baku
Falafel at Movida

For now, I’m taking a little break from blogging for a couple of weeks or so, to go on my holidays to the UK and Germany. I’ll be back in early August with more Baku restaurant, cafe and hotel reviews, Baku People interviews and glimpses of my experiences further afield. I’ve got some interesting things lined up for you! Please feel free to follow my fizzoflife blog, share it and comment on it and if you’d like me to review anywhere in particular, just let me know by email to . Hasta la vista, Amigos!


  1. Dear Kia, I find all your blogs fun, informative, well written so real and entertaining. I look forward to you returning to the keyboard after your well earned rest! Enjoy. X