Gone Fishing

I’m off again, on my travels. As, every day, it’s getting colder in Baku, I’m craving sunshine and heat to break up the forthcoming winter months. Conveniently, a much anticipated visit to the in-laws in Singapore is due and with nothing but a hop and a skip from there to a whole host of exotic holiday locations, it would be positively churlish not to take advantage of the opportunity. This time, I’ll be heading to one of my all time favourite places, Ubud in Bali, and from there onwards to Moyo Island where the lovely husband can happily indulge in his great passion, scuba diving. Me, I’m just too much of a girl to get my head under water. Last time I gave it go, the lovely husband pointed out a sea cucumber. Unwise! Much squealing and frantic paddling back to the safety of the shore ensued and that was the end of that! Really, I honestly don’t want slimy sea creatures anywhere near me! And what the appeal is to see whale sharks which are several times my size and know their way around much better under water than I do, I don’t know! And anyway, sharks? I mean, we’ve all watched Jaws and the minute I step into the sea, that music starts resonating loudly in my head. No, no, it’s all quite alien to me, so I’ll leave Nemo and his friends to get on with their business without any cooperation from me. Picture me instead safely ensconced on a nice comfy beach lounger on terra firma, cocktail in hand, nose buried in a book. It’s a hard life…..

Life's a Beach
Life’s a Beach

So, you will have a couple of Fizz free weeks until the end of November when I’ll be back with plenty of Postcards from the Far East and more Baku food adventures for your delectation. Meanwhile, if you come across a café, restaurant or service in Baku which you feel ought to be reviewed, please let me know. All your input, comments and suggestions are always very much appreciated!


Finally, once again, a very big Thank You to all of you for reading my little blog. When I started it only seven months ago, I never dreamt that, on average, it would get read by 120 people every day! Now, compared to the big blogs out there on the net which focus on current affairs, IT matters or celebrity gossip, that might be peanuts but for a little Expat niche blog in Baku that’s a simply huge compliment. Since its inception in April almost 15000 (yes, fifteen thousand!) clicks have been recorded on my site from people all around the globe. Incredible! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Please keep following www.fizzoflife.com here and, on Facebook, under Fizz of Life. I’ve also added my Baku Address Book (see panel on left as well) with those services I have had good experience with in Baku. It’s not comprehensive or conclusive but these are the addresses that have worked well for me so far.

Before I snap shut my suitcase, let me tell you that, if, like me, you feel in need of a holiday but can’t get away at the moment, I wholeheartedly recommend a reflexology or massage treatment with Arif Zia at the Marriott Absheron Hotel Spa. It’s complete bliss and a real treat, leaving you both energised and relaxed for AZN64 with an IWC membership card.

Have a cracking November and see you all when I’m back!



  1. I agree with you completely about not going under the sea. When we lived in Singapore we went to a Hungry Ghosts dinner and Adrian tasted one of the delicacies which were being hugely enjoyed by the elderly Chinese Singaporeans around us. It was sea cucumber, and he said it was absolutely disgusting.

  2. Can’t wait to get back to Bali and Singapore …report back please.

    Enjoy Kia & Paul xx

    Lorraine x Sent from my iPad