Happy Birthday to Fizz of Life!

Fizz of Life is one year old today! In the past 12 months I’ve reviewed 56 eateries in Baku, 11 in London, written Postcards from Bali and Moyo Island in Indonesia, Tbilisi in Georgia, Paris, Hannover and Miami, interviewed six Baku residents, checked out three health and beauty salons, posted 10 articles on Expat Life in Baku and 11 notes to readers, including two easy recipes. It’s been a ball!

Tbilisi Stillife
Tbilisi Stillife
Strawberry Panna Cotta
Strawberry Panna Cotta
Sun Deck by the Jetty
Sun Deck by the Jetty on Moyo Island

Fizz of Life is read in 134 countries across the globe and it’s readership has increased beyond my wildest expectations. Thank you, you all make it so worthwhile and it’s been a pleasure writing for you, whether you are in Burundi, Myanmar, Venezuela, French Polynesia or just around the corner. Please keep your comments and suggestions coming!


Street Scene in Baku

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There are many more interesting blog posts to come, specifically the shortly to be published Baku Perspectives series of Expat and local impressions of people living in Baku, so keep following and watch this space! Here’s to the future and let’s keep it fizzing!



  1. Happy Birthday Fizz of Life! Keep them coming.

    Can’t wait to see photo of outfit – a sparkling personality like yours has to have a statement-making outfit. 🙂

  2. 🙂 x Thank you, Iona! I’ve got a really loud outfit for the wedding. Not v MOB at all! All my friends say you can’t wear that! But Annika wants me to, so I will!

  3. Happy Birthday to the blog! But I’m sure that you don’t look a year older, Kia!