Fizz of Life is back!

Lately, Fizz of Life has been the Sleeping Beauty of Blogland. As part of a beautifying treatment, it had been given a poisoned apple by its evil stepfather, an incompetent web designer who shall remain anonymous, and fell into a deep, deep sleep of 73 days, so deep, in fact, that it was inches from death. Now, finally, after overcoming many challenges, it has been reawaked by the kiss of a handsome Brazilian web designer prince called Andre Armacollo ( Still a bit weak, and in need of further TLC, it is nontheless back up and running and ready for new culinary and travel adventures.Pink Rose GarlandDear Readers, I have missed you and I hope you have missed me a little bit too. Welcome back to my recovered, all new, singing and dancing blog. If, in the process of data recovery, your name has been lost on the blog’s mailing list, please re-register to receive all the latest blog posts. And there will be quite a few interesting things to read about coming up, I can tell you! I’m sharpening my quill and flexing my typing fingers to bring you stories and news of all the wonderful and sometimes less impressive meals I have had in London and abroad since you last checked in, with many more yet to come, so watch this space with eagle eyes! Fizz of Life has been down but definitely not out, and we’re back to fizzing form! Chin Chin and Bon Appetit!










  1. I’ve really missed your thoroughly enjoyable, mouthwatering, humourous reads…I miss you in Baku more. Xx