John Frieda, Mayfair

Doing it the Wright Way

Every year, always in early November, about ten days before my birthday, I get the urge to reinvent myself. In that, I am as reliable as the ever forward creeping years. My motivation has varied; I’ve wanted to look older, younger, artier, punkier, funkier, sexier, more sophisticated, less suburban, more chic, during the various stages of my life. Invariably, this culminates in a visit to the hairdresser, often with quite catastrophic results. I know this, and yet….every year I take a new, usually ill advised, whimsical risk on the very spur of the November moment. There was that year, quite some time ago now, when I had my hair cut Jean Seberg short in the belief that it would make me look more gamine, more Parisian ingénue. I hadn’t bargained with my nose which is not exactly of the cute upturned button variety, the resulting look was rather closer to that of a Roman senator with some convict nuances thrown in.

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The Feel Good Wellness Clinic, Balham

The Feel Good Factor Suzannah King Tel.: (0)7791 767163 Feel Good Balham, Unit 7, […]

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About Eating and How to Stay Slim

Cantinetta is a restaurant in Putney which has newly risen out of the ashes of The […]

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